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Water Project Survey

As you know, we all get our water from individual wells. Unfortunately, many folks struggle to maintain their wells and question their overall water quality. Furthermore, the lack of a municipal system has negatively impacted the Town's ability to grow and…

ADA Transition Plan

The Town of La Paz has developed an American with Disabilities Act (ADA) Transition Plan for Public Rights-of-Way in accordance with Federal Highway Administration requirements. The purpose of the Transition Plan is to prioritize ADA accessibility…

Applicant Needed for Clerk-Treasurer Office

Applicant needed to run in primary election for the Town of LaPaz Clerk-Treasurer Office. Must be a resident of the Town of LaPaz to be eligible to run. NEED TO SIGN UP BY FEBRUARY 3RD TO RUN IN THE PRIMARY ELECTION FOR 2023. Please contact your political…

Proposed Water Utility System

The Town of LaPaz has never had a potable water network in its history. Current properties within the Town are served by private wells. The Town is in need of a potable water utility for multiple reasons, including but not limited to reliable and adequate drinking water for its residents and sufficient fire flow in the case of an emergency.

We have established a page on our website dedicated to sharing information about the proposed water utility system for the Town of LaPaz. We intend this is be a resource and repository for all information related to the proposed system.

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