Proposed Plans for Park Update

The LaPaz Town Council members have been working with the Stellar Group and Troyer Group to use grant funds to update the LaPaz Park. The Town Council has worked along with the North Township Advisory Board to survey the land and update the parcels between the two government entities. In October of 2022 the town put out a survey to ask citizens what they would like to see in the updated park. The suggestions were looked at by the committee and a design was formulated. The park will be done in 3 phases. The first phase is the demolition of the ball diamonds, fencing, dugouts and concession stand along with earth grading. The park will have a new updated playground area, pickle ball courts, sand volleyball court, new bathroom, freshen up the existing pavilion area, top soil and seeding, sidewalks, and asphalt parking. In phases two and three, the town hopes to put in new basketball courts, an ADA play area and bathroom, a walking-fitness trail, more parking, and an outdoor venue area. Currently the town has the funds through the Stellar Grant to accomplish phase one of the plans. The council wants to make the park a family fun area and a place for the people of LaPaz to be proud of. It takes time, grants and money to match grants to make all the park plans become a reality. It takes concerned citizens to help make the dream possible. It takes citizens to watch out for vandals who vandalize and destroy the park equipment and buildings. Donations for the park are being taken from any business or citizen who would like to give a charitable donation.

The Proposed schedule for work is as follows:

  • April 14th: Notice to Proceed
  • Late April-Late May: Design Development
  • Late May: Review Meeting / Approve Final Design
  • June: Develop Construction Documents & Specifications
  • July: Project Bidding
  • September: Begin Construction
  • November: Most of Construction complete
  • April 2024: Final Project Completion – phase one
Park Phase 1 Park Phase 2 Park Phase 3
Date Published: 2023-04-04 13:44:17